5 Benefits of Bottleless Filtered Water

Feb 23 2016

5 benes of botteless
Today more than a million bottleless water systems are in use, approximately 18% of total water coolers. This number is quickly growing, as more people learn about bottleless coolers they make the switch to save money, go green, conserve space and get a better taste. Bottled water drinking systems are costly, wasteful, and highly inefficient. Because of this, small businesses and corporations are making the switch to reverse osmosis bottleless coolers. Here are our top five reasons to switch to bottleless filtered water in the workplace.

1. Cost Effectivecost effective money

  • Delivery bottled water costs about $0.79 a gallon.
  • Reverse osmosis purified water costs about $0.02 a gallon.
  • Just by switching from delivery bottled water to a RO bottomless cooler, you could save between hundreds and thousands of dollars each year.

2. Healthier & More Sanitary

more sanitary

  • Reverse osmosis bottleless drinking systems have a sealed, airtight system that reduces the risk of contamination by removing the need for human contact with the water source. Bottled water cooler reservoirs and water jugs are highly susceptible to contamination and airborne contaminants from human handling during each bottle change.
  • It is common for water delivery companies to use old plastic jugs that have been exposed to sun and other outdoor elements that can release chemicals into your water.

3. Low Maintenance & Convenient

low maintenance

  • Tired of lifting the heavy 5 gallon water jugs, finding room to store them, accidental spillage when replacing jugs, and not to mention the days where you run out of water?
  • Reverse osmosis water coolers are low maintenance, once the system is installed just replace the pre-filter every 6 months to enjoy delicious water.
  • By having a system that doesn’t require jug replacements or cleaning, you will have more time to focus on what’s important.

4. Environmentally Friendly

little green man

  • A reverse osmosis water cooler will purify the water directly from your existing water supply as it comes into your home. Talk about cost-effective and energy efficient!
  • Delivery water services use large trucks to haul and deliver the heavy water jugs from home to home. These trucks weigh thousands of pounds with a delivery system that uses tremendous amounts of fuel and releases huge amounts carbon emissions into the air.

5. Better Tasting Water

glass of water

  • The best part about reverse osmosis water coolers is how great the water tastes.
  • These systems use quality filters that purify water through high density polypropylene housings that protect and shield the water from all elements.
  • The water delivered in jugs can taste bad due to exposure to sunlight and outside elements. Chemicals from the plastic can leach into the water if exposed to UV rays for a certain period of time.

As you can see bottleless water systems are the best option for any home or workplace. Call Superior Water & Air today at (303) 800-2410 to see which system would be right for you! Interested in more information online visit our drinking water page.