3 Advantages of Bottle-less Drinking Water

Jul 19 2016

Do you still drink bottled water? If so, it’s time for you to learn about the three advantages of bottle-less drinking water so that you can rid your life of bottled water (in a responsible way of course) and start taking the best water route for your health, taste buds, and planet.


Bottle-less Drinking Water Advantages

  1. You get to hydrate in style while helping the environment: With bottle-less water, you can hydrate with the coolest, latest drinkware instead of looking lame with a flimsy, noisy plastic water bottle. Even better, you don’t have to throw away plastic every time you finish 12 ounces of water. Yeah, recycling is a thing, but Americans go through about 50 billion plastic water bottles a year and turns out only 23% actually get recycled.
  2. You don’t have to support the bottled water industry: In case you haven’t heard, the bottled water industry is the worst. How so? To name just a couple reasons, about half of bottled water is actually coming from the tap so when you think you are getting “better water” by drinking bottled, think again. Bottled water is actually much worse than tap water because it is not EPA regulated. In fact, the FDA doesn’t regulate phthalate in bottled water which is the chemical used to soften plastic and can cause several health issues including cancer. SO STOP SUPPORTING AN INDUSTRY THAT DOESN’T WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH!
  3. There are several bottle-less drinking water options: Bottleless water drinkers have so many different choices when it comes to getting their 8 glasses a day. Here are a few drinking water system options:
    • Tap water: With all of the strict testing and regulations on municipal water, tap water is much safer to drink that bottled water. It’s the quickest, however, not the BEST possible option because there may still be traces of chlorine, lead, and other sediment that isn’t necessarily dangerous but may alter the taste. Still, it is much better than bottled water.
    • Water purifiers: For cleaner and better tasting water than the general tap water, there are water purifiers that get installed under your sink to give you purified water and still straight from your tap! These water purifiers will eliminate all contaminants and give you noticeably better tasting water.
    • Drinking water dispensers: For instant cold or hot water that also undergoes a thorough purification process, a drinking water dispenser is the way to go. There is a variety of drinking water dispensers to choose from to provide your home or office with high quality and great tasting water!

For more help with converting to bottle-less drinking water, learn how to persuade your office to invest in a drinking water system. Superior Water & Air offers a variety of home water purification systems as well as office water purification systems. Contact us at 303-800-2410 or online to get your water purification system today!