5 Signs Your Water Heater is Going Out

Mar 14 2017

A tankless water heater
Is your water heater decades old? Do you have weird rattling sounds been coming from your water heater? Does your water go from blazing hot to freezing cold mid-shower? These are all signs that it may be time for a new water heater. Your home’s water heater is the most important and costly component in the plumbing system. With winter approaching, it is important to make sure your water heater is running properly and efficiently to keep your family warm all winter. Trying to figure out if your water heater is working properly? Here are the most common signs your water heater is going out and needs to be replaced.

1. Rumbling and Noises

Loud rumbling, pops, or crackling could be your heating components failing. Once you begin to hear sounds, you should have your heating elements inspected, as they may be going bad.

2. Leaking Water

This is the most obvious indicator that your water heater needs to be replaced. This may range from a small puddle of water to a full-blown leak. When it comes to your water heater failing, this is the worst sign, because if the system is not located near a drain, it can flood the room it is in. If your water heater is in the basement typically this is the basement.

3. The Age of Your Heater

How long you have had your water heater may indicate if it needs to be replaced. A water heater can go out anywhere between 6-12 years, but most plumbers say the 10-year mark is when they fail.

4. Inconsistent Hot Water

If your water varies between hot and cold throughout your shower, this is a good sign your water heater is failing. However, it could be possible that your water heater just isn’t turned on. Check the pilot light of your water heater before assuming the worst!

5. Rusty Water

If there is rusty water coming out of the water heater on the hot side piping in your home, this is a sign your water heater could be rusting on the inside. Once the inside rusts away it can cause the water heater to leak.

Unfortunately, water heaters do wear out over time. Superior Water and Air in Denver offers water heating installation for homes and businesses throughout the area. Learn how our energy-efficient water heating systems can reduce your home’s energy costs! Call us to set up an appointment for a free estimate and consultation (303) 800-2410.