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Winter Preparation Checklist

Winter will be here in no time, which means it’s time to take preventative measures before you’re left out in the cold! We know the importance of keeping your family home comfortable during the winter months, which is why we created a checklist for you. Be sure to go through the checklist starting with windows…

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Top 10 DIY Swimming Pools

Apr 14 2016

At Superior we are all things water! With summer approaching quick we thought it would be fun to look at some crazy things people do with water, a big one is DIY pools. The photos we came across were too funny not to share. We created a list of the Top 10 DIY Swimming Pools…

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Pure Water Benefits Infographic

Mar 22 2016

As a company that could not operate without water we want to raise awareness about how important water is for the human body. Take a look at all of the benefits that purified water has to offer:

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