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Home Water Evaluation

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Do you know what’s in your water?

The water in your home could be costing you money and negatively impacting your family’s comfort.
Fortunately, the water quality experts at Superior offer free water evaluations to home and business owners throughout the Denver area. Let one of our experts share their first-hand knowledge with you so you can make an educated decision regarding water purification and water softening.

How Water Evaluation Works:

  1. After you’ve set up an appointment, one of our water specialists will come to your property to perform tests that measure contaminant and mineral levels in your water supply.
  2. The specialist will evaluate the results of the test and show you what is in your water. They will also explain what might be causing the contamination issues (if any.)
  3. The entire process takes about an hour, and by the time the specialist leaves you will know what is in your water supply and what you can do to fix any problems. Please remember that the evaluation is completely free, and you will not be under any obligation to buy anything.

The Cost of Low Water Quality

Hard, contaminated water can end up having a high cost. Hard water causes:

  • Scale buildup which can reduce the lifespans of water heaters, pipes, and shower heads
  • Premature fading of clothing
  • Greater costs for detergent, shampoos, and soaps
  • The need to use extra hard water
  • Increased time spent doing household chores
  • Itchy, dry skin

Call Superior at (303) 800-2410 to set up an appointment for a free Denver water evaluation and to learn more about the effects of hard water.

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