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Tag: drinking water systems

How to Persuade Your Office to Invest in a Drinking Water System

Jul 05 2016

Hydration is no joke in the business life. Without refreshingly cold and pure water, one cannot simply get through a workday without feeling incredibly parched. And drinking fountains just won’t cut it; we aren’t in elementary anymore. Those massive jugs that have to be delivered? Let’s get with the times, boss. It’s 2015 and an office drinking water system is the smartest way to quench an office’s thirst.

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How Dirty Water Affects Humans

Mar 25 2016

“Every year 3,575,000 people die from water related diseases. This is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every hour. Most of these people are children (2.2 million).” Water is a vital resource and we cannot survive without a constant supply of it. Millions of people worldwide don’t have access to this resource and are dying…

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What’s Hiding In Your Tap?

We drink, cook, clean, and bathe with it but how much do we really know about the water coming out of our faucets? Depending on geographical location you could be absorbing bacteria daily just by drinking and using tap water. Water is our most essential nutrient. People can survive days, weeks, or even months without…

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