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Tag: water contamination

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Water Tested?

With water a must for our wellbeing, how safe is the water in your area? Have you tested it lately to find out?

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How Dirty Water Affects Humans

Mar 25 2016

“Every year 3,575,000 people die from water related diseases. This is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every hour. Most of these people are children (2.2 million).” Water is a vital resource and we cannot survive without a constant supply of it. Millions of people worldwide don’t have access to this resource and are dying…

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What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Water Filter?

May 08 2015

What happens if you don’t replace your water filter? Let’s find out.

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Contaminants in Municipal Water: What You Should Know

Jan 13 2015

View image | gettyimages.com Municipal water is treated extensively before it is considered safe for drinking. Most city water quality varies from city to city, with some cities maintaining higher quality, better tasting water than others. Much of this has to do with regulatory oversight and water infrastructure. Many cities have severely outdated water mains…

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